A Need for Safe Places (Pride)

A Need for Safe Places (Pride)

by Samantha Faye King We have come a long way since the infamous Stonewall riots of June 1969. All the way through the 60’s homosexual activity was not only looked down upon but completely illegal. This is what led to the need for safe spaces and eventual rise of...
A Need for Safe Places (Pride)

The ERA Billboard is now up!  What do you think?

How great is this?!  This is the first ERA Billboard and it’s up along I-94 south of St. Cloud, there will be another going up in July on Hwy 10.  We would love to put more billboards up around town but need money to do it.  Each billboard costs about $3,000. ...
A Need for Safe Places (Pride)


By ERAMN Founder Betty Folliard ​ERA Minnesota (ERAMN) is proud to announce that the Equal Rights Amendment just moved closer to final passage after the Illinois Legislature ratified the measure, becoming the 37th state in the nation to do so. Now only one final state...

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