It’s been a 100 years since women got the right to vote. Immediately after that they introduced an Equal Rights Amendment and began the fight to get Equality for All as part of our United States Constitution. Sometimes the fight seems exhausting and leaves you wondering “What can I do? Does it even matter?”

Take Action

Contact Your Legislators

Call, email, write to, or visit your state senator and representative to ask them to pass the Equal Rights Amendment bill in Minnesota.

Host a House Party

Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to learn about the history of the Equal Rights Amendment, the fight for equality, and our plans to pass the ERA in Minnesota.

Write a Letter to the Editor

Write a letter to the editor of your favorite news source explaining why you support an Equal Rights Amendment in Minnesota to advocate for legislators to pass the bill.

Pass a Local Resolution

Work with your city councilperson, county commissioner, union president, religious leader, or other organizational leadership to pass a resolution in support of the ERA that calls on the House and Senate to pass the ERA ballot initiative proposing an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution.

Become an Ally

Ask organizations you are involved with to publicly support the ERA by joining our network of allies.

Our Mission

We are working to make equal legal rights for all a reality in Minnesota and in the United States of America.

Minnesota ERA

Our goal is to add an Equal Rights Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution through a ballot measure passed by popular vote.

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Federal ERA

Our goal is to enact the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment as the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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Save the Date

Show up for ERA on International Women's Day!

Wednesday, March 8, 2023
at the Minnesota State Capitol

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